This project is no longer maintained and no further public releases are planned.

No further support will be given.

Feel free to fork the git repository.


You can enter as many PreProcessors as you like. Each entry requires a class name of the PreProcessor. Optionally you can enter specific configuration for the PreProcessor in the config section. The PreProcessors are only called the first time the form is shown.

Version added


TypoScript path

plugin.Tx_Formhandler.settings.preProcessors copy to clipboard

Example code

preProcessors.1 {
  class = Tx_Formhandler_PreProcessor_LoadGetPost
preProcessors.2 {
  class = Tx_MyPackage_PreProcessor
  config {
    param = value


Prefills form fields with configured values. Config is done for each step and for each form field. If you want to dynamically prefill a dropdown menu (e.g. from the database), refer to the section “Ho...


Clears temporarily uploaded files older than the specified time.


Clears a specified key in the current FE user session.


Loads GET/POST values.The controller clears GET/POST parameters when the form is called for the first time. If you want to pass values to the form, you can insert this PreProcessor to load the values....


Prefills form fields with values from configured database fields. Config is done for each step and for each form field.


Validates an auth code generated with Finisher\GenerateAuthCode. If you have a registration form which sends an auth code to the user by email, you can use this PreProcessor to validate the auth code ...