This project is no longer maintained and no further public releases are planned.

No further support will be given.

Feel free to fork the git repository.

Main Features

Quick facts


The extension's architecture is based on MVC and is designed to be as modular as possible. The process of integrating individual changes and features for your own projects is easy and coherent. Furthermore, once a form is built, formhandler allows you to reuse the configuration and templates for other projects, which makes it appealing for agencies, developers and administrators of TYPO3.

HTML-Template based

Design your form in HTML and CSS and use it right away as a template in formhandler. Place markers in it which will be replaced with specified content. There are many predefined markers available, but you can easily define your own custom markers if you need to. If you like, choose Fluid as your template engine.

Data Exports

Export data to a CSV-File or generate a PDF-file and send it automatically to anyone via email. Write data to whatever database you need to e.g. an Oracle-DB of a backoffice system. Write your own finisher to do so or use one of our example-packages.

Custom Emails

Send multipart, HTML or plaintext emails to users and administrators. Enjoy the complete control over the look & feel of your emails awarded by the use of HTML-templates.

Multistep Forms

Breakdown forms into several steps to achieve a better user experience. Build e.g. guided wizards, shop checkouts or event registrations. On mobile devices use this feature to reduce the length of forms.

Smart Routing

Streamline notifications with Smart Routing, by sending emails to different people depending on how your customer fills out your form. Smart Routing is realized with conditions in Typoscript.

Conditional Logic

Use conditional logic to display and hide parts of your forms based on what data is filled in the fields of your form. Improve completion rates by showing users just those input-elements that are relevant.

Error Checks

47 different predefined error checks - and easy expandable. Configure errorhandling for server- and clientside checks, AJAX-support is built in.


Formhandler supports a lot of Third-Party- Captcha-Extensions. For WAI Websites formhandler offers a check even without the need for a captcha. There's also a built-in library for XSS Prevention. And, of course, santizing is possible everywhere to allow for clean and secure data handling.

Of course formhandler comes with:

Multilanguage Support
TypoScript configurability
A Backend module to manage and export submitted data.
File upload handling
A complete manual for every single feature.

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